Monday, October 26, 2009

I killed my father
that night,
or the other day-
I don't rememeber.
I go escaping with a suitcase
filled with dreams
and amnesia,
and a picture of me
with him
when Iwas young
and when he carried me
on his forearm.

I burried my father
in a beutiful shell
in a deep ocean,
but he found me
hiding under the bed
shaking with fear
and loneliness.


"Like grains of salt
they shone
then melted.
This is how they disappeared,
those men
who did not love me."


“He came to me
disguised in the body of a man
and I ignored him.
He said:
Open up
I am the holy spirit.
I feared disobeying him
so I let him kiss me.
He uncovered
my shy breasts
with his gaze
and turned me into
a beautiful woman.
Then he blew his spirit into my body,
rumbling thunder and lightning.
And I believed.”


“I was on the straight
when you blocked my way.
I stumbled
but I did not


I apologise...
and unintentionally,
my breezes
shook your branches
and dropped the only
flower you'd ever


I looked into my mirror
and saw
a woman
filled with contentment
and with bright eyes
and delicious mischief,

and I envied her.


She asked him
for a dream
and he offered her a reality.
Since then
she found herself
a bereaved mother.


  1. Wonderful poems. While reading them for the first time i had a good taste about death. Although your first poem was about "death", it didnt look like that to me, beacause there was also beauty and love who deafets that. There is too much love in your poems. They suits you, they have the spirit of a beautful woman, a divine woman. You defeat all cruelt with your softness, sweetness and your gift 2 spread love, only love. I truly loved your poems. they filled my heart with love, happiness and hope

  2. Maram .. amazing poems! Even in English, they sound like the waves which we hear them by listing inside the shell.. I loved them. wish you a great mountain of happiness in the land of man.